Interactive Personal Co-Pilot.

Roadtrips are easy as 1,2,3 with Roadgazer. Just download the app and go.

Start the trip

Let Roadgazer plan and manage your itinerary

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Roadgazer Interacts with you during your trip.
It discusses your needs and wants on the road,
and gives you the right solution for the right time.
It talks to you, so you are hands-free to enjoy the road.
It gives you audio tours all along the way,
so you can easily make your choices.


Roadgazer helps you make the most of your time.
We built Roadgazer to schedule your trip for you, provide enough stops for food and rest, and optimize your time on the road.
Roadgazer cares for your interests. It knows your likes and wishes, and plans relevant visits and sightseeing on your trip itinerary.

Co - Pilot

Guide your ride with Roadgazer. Listen to audio tours.
Plan and adjust. Stops for attraction and food on the go.