Our Story

How many times have you been in a situation when you diligently spend hours and hours planning your car travel, and the plan just doesn’t work? And you end up frantically searching for places to see, eat and rest, on the go?

Roadgazer started in April of 2015, when Maria came from a road trip with her 3 kids exhausted and thinking she would never ever go on a road trip again. Then her son, who, like any other six-year-old, was a big fan of Iron Man, said - “Mom, I want my own Jarvis, that would be really cool”! And that was the striking moment: Roadgazer, an Artificial Intelligence Jarvis for road trips was born.

No more broken plans, closed museums, truck rest areas, frantic searches for food stops.

Soon, Veena, Dmitri and Viki joined Maria. Being the tech developers in mobile, cloud, voice and machine learning, they knew they could build what they needed, while Maxim gave Roadgazer nice look and feel.

“Road trips should be fun”, says Veena Dong, co-founder and CTO. “I often travel with my 3 boys, and I know how easily the car trip can turn into a logistical nightmare. At Roadgazer we would love to fix that problem for me and millions of other families”

In a modern and stressful life, rare breaks together with our families and friends are precious. We believe that modern technology shall help people enjoy these moments to the max. Our mission at Roadgazer is to bring more fun and joy into our lives by inventing tools that allow for effortless care of tedious and routine tasks.

Let Roadgazer take care of your car travel logistics, and have fun on the road!

Who are we?

Maria Mokhnatkina
(Co-founder, CEO)
Wears multiple hats
Veena Dong
(Co-founder, CTO)
System design, cloud, machine learning
Viktoriya Balan
(Co-founder, CIO)
Infrastructure, web and tools
Maksim Kholod
(Graphics Design)
Web and app design