What is Roadgazer?

Roadgazer is an Intelligent Assistant for car trips, helping to manage travel logistics on the go.

What Roadgazer does?

Roadgazer creates the trip plan for you based on your trip wishes and schedule, and manages this trip through the ride. Roadgazer will plan the stops for sights, suggest a lunch or snack place, tell you about the interesting places you are driving by and guide you to visit them, and will come to help in urgent situations, like finding place to rest or eat. Roadgazer uses voice, so you are hands free during your ride.

How Roadgazer is different from other travel solutions on the market?

There are plenty of travel planning apps on the market, though they are targeted toward passive pre-trip planning. Roadgazer is an on-the-go app. Meaning, it drives your trip run time leaving you to care only about fun on the road.

When Roadgazer will ship?

Roadgazer is opening limited trial in Q1 2016, so all brave souls willing to try it out and help Roadgazer learn can sign up on our website. We plan to open it up for the bigger public summer 2016, so folks going on summer roadtrips next year can benefit from it.

How do I get my Roadgazer?

Roadgazer is targeted to be organic part of connected car infotainment system, as in embedded form, so in the form of a smartphone app. The first version is coming out for Android platform, with an iOS version later on.

I like to do car trips, how can I help you?

Sign up for our Roadgazer trial on our website, and send feedback to us when playing with the early version of Roadgazer. You will get the final product free!